Dried lumber beam

With two under-vault dryers, Bois Hamel can dry its wood and offer its customers a better quality product that is more predictable, reliable and stable in terms of section size. An ideal product for your engineering and aesthetic needs.

Technical specifications

Eligible dimensions
Height: up to 90 inches
Width: up to 48 inches
Length: 42 feet (dryer 1)
Length: 65 feet (dryer 2)

Periphery Dry 1 ¼

Where a painting or stain finish is to be applied, a wood with a maximum of 19% moisture at 1¼ inches from the surfaces is recommended.

Heart Dry 19%

When the desired wood meets strict engineering criteria and high level of performance, as frequently required for commercial projects or high-quality woodwork, it is recommended to use heart dried wood in vacuum kiln to reach a maximum moisture of 19% towards the heart of wood. We can guarantee an average moisture content less than 19%.

Heart Dry 15%

 When the desired wood needs to be used in a really drying conditions or relative humidity really low during a long period, it is recommended to use heart dried wood with a moisture of 15 % towards the heart of the wood.