Bois Hamel

Hamel, naturally distinctive

Bois Hamel specializes in the manufacture of Timber Frame as well as in the realization of log homes.

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What could be more noble and sumptuous than a massive wood frame? Wood is an essential material for the creation of unique and distinguished projects! Timber frames, beams, massive wood structures, gables, ornaments… Dare to use the authenticity of wood and offer yourself your dream project!

Our services

Bois Hamel ensures the satisfaction of its residential, commercial and industrial customers by offering services that highlight the value of wood and contribute to the implementation of projects ranging from the most modest to the most ambitious. Whether you are an architect, a designer, a contractor or an individual, Bois Hamel can help you realize your project.

  • Complete assembly plan
  • Molding
  • Planing
  • Machining
  • Specific manufacturing
  • Finishing service

Our realizations

Hamel Lumber offers a variety of construction projects from distinctive backyards to complete log homes. Consult our last realizations to inspire you in your future projects.

Timber Frame

Bois Hamel’s Timber Frame brings a distinctive touch to any project. For indoor or outdoor use, the only limit is your imagination! See for yourself


At Bois Hamel, we realize that your needs are as unique as you are. We offer a number of different models of wood gazebos and pergolas, from the most standard to the most distinctive.

Log Homes

The log homes we build at Bois Hamel are warm, noble… and full of authenticity. Whatever their size, they can be built from ready-to-assemble kits or completely custom-made.


Bois Hamel offers a work environment where all its employees feel valued and secure through continuous training. To join our team, consult the available positions.