About Bois Hamel

Bois Hamel was launched in 2010, when Nicolas Hamel decided to create, within the family business Clermond Hamel Ltd, a division specializing in design and production of log buildings and solid wood structures.

Since 2010, Nicolas’s vision has kept evolving; our objective is not only to serve our clients, but also help contractors and businesses handle challenges. We want to offer them the technology to build in Beauce what they could only find outside the province, or what was simply too long to deliver.

In 2014, two major investments were made.

The first investment was an automatic feed planer that can process 16’’ x 24’’ pieces while working on the four sides at the same time, without limits in terms of length. We actually planed 93’ long wood beams!

The second investment was a 6 axis Hundegger Robot-Drive, used to carry out extremely precise cuts, connexions, drilling and slots on several pieces of wood.

In 2016, a 46’ x 300’ building was built to store and dry wood; it can hold the content of 33 wood trucks, or 800,000 bd ft.

The Bois Hamel division now employs 16 experts.

In 2015, Clermond Hamel Ltd celebrated its 125th anniversary; we are still a multigeneration, family business.

The company is currently run by Carmin Hamel, son of Clermont Hamel, grandson of Adjutor Hamel and great-grandson of Alphonse Hamel, who started the company in 1890.

Nicolas, son of Carmin, is proud to “have been born in wood shavings” and to be able, through Bois Hamel, to share his love of wood and quality work with his clients.

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